White Chocolate Raspberry ★★★★★ [BULK]

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Hybrid: A sweet and tasty hybrid, White Chocolate Raspberry is an uplifting and euphoric strain that is enjoyed for its relaxing body buzz and unique terpene profile. White Chocolate Raspberry produces bright green and golden buds coated in fuzzy golden trichomes that can sometimes be sticky to the touch. Its flavor and aroma are unique, combining notes of sweet fruits and creamy chocolate with a spicy twist. When smoked or vaped, its flavor profile is rich and robust, carrying notes of coffee and over-ripened berries with a hint of creamy chocolate that is detected on the exhale.

Those who were lucky enough to get their hands on a package of White Chocolate Raspberry have shared its effects start with a euphoric uplift that slowly transcends to a relaxing body buzz. As the body melts away into this relaxing melt, chronic pain and stress has been said by many to be reduced and those suffering insomnia have said that they find great relief when consuming this strain.

Batch: Mar-28-2024
Bud Size: Medium-Large
Flavour: Sour, Fruity, Pine
Nose Strength: Medium
THC Content – 27%

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