Grounded High Dose – Gummy Bears [500mg]

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Introducing Grounded High Dose Bears – a delectable selection of cannabis-infused gummies designed to elevate your senses. With an array of vibrant flavors this pack promises a journey through a spectrum of delightful fruity experiences. Each pack contains 10 gummy pieces, each infused with 50mg of THC, culminating in a total dosage of 500mg THC. Grounded Bears ensure a tasteful adventure that brightens your day. Dive into the world of elevated indulgence with these expertly crafted, high-dose gummies that redefine the edible experience.


The 500mg total THC dosage, distributed in 10 pieces with 50mg each, allows for customizable dosing, catering to various tolerance levels. This moderate dosage reduces the risk of over consumption, making it an accessible option for users seeking precise control over their THC intake. In comparison to higher-dose edibles (100mg-200mg per piece), Grounded Bears offer a more customizable experience, enhanced flavor variety, and a longer-lasting supply, appealing to a broad range of cannabis consumers.

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Green Apple, Blueberry, Watermelon, Variety Pack, Cherry


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