Duct Tape ★★★☆☆ – 112g [BULK]

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THC 23%

The Duct Tape buds are made of lime-green, and olive-green leaves that blend evenly together. Fiery-orange pistils are generously littered about. Golden trichomes give the illusion of the buds having moss growing on them, and add patches of yellow. Combusting this strain brings to life some pungent cheese flavors in the mix of gas, pine, and YES more duct tape!

The Duct Tape strain offers an initial burst of mental clarity followed by a surge of energy. As its terpenes interact with the body, users often feel more agile and at ease, moving with a sense of lightness and freedom. This balance typically sustains a level of energy that complements creative endeavors and physical activities like yoga, fostering an environment for imaginative thought and comfort. Its effects have been well-regarded for those who seek to remain alert and active, with many users highlighting its effectiveness. Duct Tape has gained a reputation for its dependability and adaptability, making it a strain worth exploring for a variety of experiences, whether it’s enhancing productivity or enriching leisure activities.


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