Double Stuffed ★★★★☆ [BULK]

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Double Stuffed is an indica-dominant hybrid whose essence and powerful effects were skillfully wedded through the combination of Platinum White and Cookies and Cream. Its name tells the rich and creamy flavored story of its extravagant indulgence. The buds of Double Stuffed are medium to large in size and dense, generously coated in white trichomes, and packed with top shelf quality. The strain’s flowers manifest in colors ranging from minty greens to purples highlighted by burnt orange pistils, revealing the strain’s genetic fabric with each glance.

The scent of Double Stuffed is utterly captivating, boasting sweet, creamy, earthy notes that immediately bring to mind freshly baked cookies. Vanilla and cocoa within the fragrance bring depth, while a delicate herbal quality adds a layer of complexity. This complexity translates in the flavor, where creamy, sweet notes fundamentally dominate, carrying the vanilla and cocoa with them. A whisper of nuttiness adds depth and texture, and the exhale leaves an intriguing taste of earth, which mingles with the sweetness. It makes this concoction a memorable take on the classic pairing of sweets and tobacco, and as a whole, your Double Stuffed is sure to be something no one forgets.

Batch:  Feb-02-2024
Bud Size: Medium-Large
Flavour: Fruity, Creamy, Sweet
Nose Strength: Medium
THC Content – 26%


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