🚘Cadillac Purple🚘 ★★★★☆ – 7g

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THC 25%

The beautifully colored indica cannabis strain named Cadillac Purple derives its name from the deep green and purple buds it produces, covered with golden pistils and frosty trichomes. Its smell and taste are of gas and many relating it to grapes or a fruity/floral perfume. Its effects are perfectly indica – providing a full body buzz that completely relaxes the muscles and relieves pains and aches. Its effects are known to come on gradually, so consume slowly and wait for the sensations to set in slowly. As the body soothes into its buzz, sleep will seem more and more appealing. Cerebral effects are limited, leaving the mind a bit foggy but perfect for an evening dose or to alleviate insomnia at night.

Negative side-effects are dry mouth, eyes, and in some instances, paranoia and headache if high doses are consumed.


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