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Barry Dunn Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis) is a mushroom developed and grown from the Comox Valley of Vancouver Island which pays tribute to a local carpenter who got charged with possession and trafficking magic mushrooms by the RCMP in 1982. These mushrooms can be characterized as having thick and strong stems with a small golden cap that doesn’t completely open. The stems are colourless and the caps range from light to dark brown. The stems easily bruise blue, indicating its psilocybin content. Expect average potency. This strain recommended for both beginners and experienced psyconauts.

1 review for Barry Dunn XL ★★★★★ – 7g [LIMITED]

  1. Jordan Howe

    THAT AINT NO “average potency”.
    That had me convinced 🤣 I was dyeing. Crazy visuals 😍 🔥 and probably the happiest and most aware/awake I’ve ever been. 5 fucking stars!!

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