AUDREY’S – Infused THC Fine Chocolate [1500mg]

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Bonjour! Audrey’s Edibles is proud to introduce another delicious THC infused treat. Our new line of artisan crafted chocolate is made from fine ethically sourced ingredients.

Start slow! Each bar contains 1500mg, so start by taking one square at a time. Wait 1 – 2 hours before increasing dose. Cannabis and edibles effect everyone differently so take it slow for optimal experience. Close package between uses. Store in cool, dry place.

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4 reviews for AUDREY’S – Infused THC Fine Chocolate [1500mg]

  1. biggiedevil (verified owner)

    I purchased unicorn and the chocolate bars, ate them in 1 sitting the bars don’t over whelm you with weed taste or flavor it’s there bit not to the point you will stop eating them, I’d recommend these to ppl who don’t like the taste or flavor of candy edibles

  2. Slayer (verified owner)

    Felt like I needed to eat like 4-5 blocks of chocolate to feel anything. Not bad for the thought

  3. Slayer (verified owner)

    This is perfect to make TCH infused hot chocolate. Literally the best way to have them. Once you mix it with like regular hot chocolate power you can only taste a bit of the edibles but not too much. I feel like it takes about an hour to start feeling something and by like after 2 hour you should be high. Definitely gonna make more hot chocolate with them!!

  4. Joanne Hastings (verified owner)

    Flavour is delicious, and good for a treat now and again when I need a break from toking. I need one/day, so not the best value for a daily consumer.

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