🩷Pink Panties👙★★★★★ – 7g

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Indica Dominant

THC 32%

Pink Panties emerges as a captivating Indica-dominant hybrid, known for its striking appearance, alluring aroma, and potent effects. This strain boasts large, dense buds adorned with pink pistils and a lavish crystal layer of trichomes, signaling its potency and quality. The genetic lineage of Pink Panties, believed to be a cross between Florida Kush and a Burmese landrace strain, contributes to its unique characteristics, blending the robustness of a classic Kush with the exotic appeal of landrace genetics. The visual appeal of Pink Panties is undeniable, with its large buds that showcase vibrant green hues, contrasted by distinctly pink pistils. The buds are densely packed and coated in a thick layer of trichomes, giving them a frosty appearance that is as beautiful as it is indicative of the strain’s potency.


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