🧁Zelato🧁 ★★★★☆ – 7g

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THC: 24%

Zelato is an evenly-balanced hybrid strain that combines the genetics of Gelato and Zkittlez, resulting in a delightful and potent cannabis experience. The buds of Zelato are dense and tightly packed, often displaying a vibrant range of colors. Zelato has fruity and sweet aromas many compare to walking into a candy shop. It has notes of tropical fruits, berry sweetness and a hint of citrus. When it comes to flavor, Zelato delivers a burst of sweetness and fruitiness akin to a delectable fruit sorbet. It has rich flavors of ripe berries, tangy citrus and sweet tropical fruits with a slight undertone of dank earth.

Zelato offers a well-balanced combination of effects that can satisfy a wide range of cannabis users. Consumers say the high begins with a mental buzz that improves their mood and energy levels. They feel happy and mentally-clear. As the effects transition, they say a creeping wave of relaxation sweeps over the body alleviating any and all tension.


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