🔪Slaughter Melon🍈 ★★★★★ – 7g

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THC 29%

Slaughter Melon is an intriguing and potent cannabis strain named for its ability to “slay” stress and induce deep relaxation. The buds are commonly a vivid green color with accents of deep purple and fiery orange hairs. These resin-coated nugs are typically dense and compact, glistening with a frosty layer of trichomes that adds to their allure.

Slaughter Melon greets the senses with a dominant scent that is a sweet and fruity melon fragrance. This melon note is complemented by subtle undertones of earthiness and spice. Its taste matches its aroma as it delivers a burst of sweet juicy melon flavors. This fruity goodness is followed by hints of earthiness and a gentle spiciness on the exhale.

Individuals who have experienced Slaughter Melon report that its effects kick off with an initial surge of cerebral stimulation, which acts to boost creativity and elevate mood.



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