🪵Redwood Kush🪓 ★★★★☆ – 7g

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THC: 25%

Redwood Kush is a predominantly indica hybrid cannabis strain renowned for its profound sedative effects. Its lineage, while not explicitly detailed, suggests a heritage steeped in the robust genetics typical of Kush varieties. The potent body buzz it delivers is both immediate and enveloping, ensuring that mobility becomes a secondary concern as relaxation takes precedence.

This strain is ideally suited for evening use, given its capacity to usher in unparalleled tranquility and a state of bliss. Users may experience a sense of spaciness, making activities requiring concentration or focus less advisable. Its therapeutic applications are broad, with many users turning to Redwood Kush for relief from insomnia, stress, depression, pain, and anxiety. Redwood Kush presents with dense, resinous buds that embody the deep greens and occasional purples synonymous with its Kush lineage.

The buds are often speckled with fiery orange pistils, and a generous coating of trichomes adds to the allure, hinting at the potency contained within.

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