🎸Velvet Elvis 🕶️ ★★★★★ – 7g

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THC 30%

A cross between Space Queen and GSC, Velvet Elvis is an indica leaning hybrid that many say brings them an uplifting cerebral euphoria that is perfect for socializing with friends. Those who were lucky enough to get themselves a package of Velvet Elvis have noticed its effects are rather immediate and come as a wave of happiness and bliss.

As the uplifting euphoria starts to dissipate, users report a hazy and sedating calmness overtakes their body; leaving some stuck on the couch, while others fall into a deep and tranquil slumber.

The buds of Velvet Elvis smell like sweet and herbal florals combined with an earthy nuttiness that is reminiscent of its Cookies lineage. Its flavor profile is similar, with a herbal and earthy overtone that carries through the exhale.



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