🍦Wookies N Cream🍧 ★★★☆☆ – 28g

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THC 21%

The Wookies n Cream cannabis strain is a visually exotic hybrid that offers users a calming and slightly heady experience. It has been described as having a resemblance to the hybrid strain GSC because of its calming effects and dark purple buds. GSC could be somewhere in Wookies n Cream’s lineage, but currently its genetics remains a mystery.

The taste and aroma of the Wookies n Cream strain are earthy, sweet, nutty, and musky with undertones of floral notes and pepper on the exhale. It’s a strain with a wide range of aromas, effects, and textures. The buds have shades of dark purple and a thick frosting of trichomes that glisten and shimmer when placed under a light. Users will also notice shades of dark forest green and vivid orange pistils on well cultivated and cured batches of Wookies n Cream.

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